Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Sermon: Going Down The Valley One By One Justin Monts 2014-08-24
Sermon: Honor Justin Monts 2014-08-24
Sermon: Endurance Justin Monts 2014-08-17
Sermon: The Tempatation Of Christ Justin Monts 2014-08-17
Sermon: A Line In The Sand Justin Monts 2014-08-10
Sermon: Unsung Heroes Justin Monts 2014-08-10
Sermon: Our place in this World Justin Monts 2014-08-10
Sermon: Over Coming Alcohol Mike Shields 2014-07-27
Sermon: A Study of God David Gunter 2014-07-27
Pitching our tents toward Sodom Justin Monts 2014-07-27
Stand in the Gap Justin Monts 2014-07-27
Sermon: In The Footsteps of Faith Justin Monts 2014-07-13
Sermon: Four Wise Little Creatures Justin Monts 2014-07-13
Sermon: What Is True Conversion Justin Monts 2014-07-06
Sermon: It Is Enough Justin Monts 2014-06-29
Sermon: First Things First Justin Monts 2014-06-29
Sermon: I Sought For A Man Justin Monts 2014-06-22
Sermon: John Justin Monts 2014-06-22
Sermon: Easter And The Church Justin Monts 2014-06-22
Sermon: The Story Of Joseph Justin Monts 2014-06-22

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