Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Sermon: The Relationship Between Absalom And David Justin Monts 2014-06-08
Sermon: Forgivness Justin Monts 2014-06-08
Sermon: How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts? Justin Monts 2014-06-01
Sermon: Islam Justin Monts 2014-05-25
Sermon: A Mothers Priority Justin Monts 2014-05-18
Sermon: Spaml 23 Justin Monts 2014-05-18
Sermon: When The Newness Weress Off 2014-05-11
Sermon: Surviving The Storms of Change 2014-05-11
Sermon: Teach Us To Number Our Days Justin Monts 2014-04-28
Sermon: There Is Death In The Pot Justin Monts 2014-04-23
Sermon: Sirralone Trip Mike Shields 2014-04-23
Sermon: Taking Back The House Justin Monts 2014-04-09
Sermon: Preaching at Sierra Lone Justin Monts 2014-04-09
Sermon: How Careful Should I Be Regarding God's Holy Word Jack Haynes 2014-03-19
Sermon: Walking With God 2014-03-19
Sermon: Presumptuous Sin 2014-03-16
Sermon: Spalm eight 2014-03-16
Sermon: Hope Justin Monts 2014-03-16
Sermon: Presumptuous Sin II Rob Dysart 2014-03-12
Sermon: The Work In Sierra Leone Justin Monts 2014-02-19

Service Times:

Sunday 9:30 AM - Bible Study
Sunday 10:30 AM - Worship
Sunday 5:30 PM - Worship

Wednesday 7:00 - Bible Study